At Excellence, we are passionate about providing the right solutions for our customers, we work with some of the best brands within foodservice offering a range that’s perfect for all sectors. We are committed to delivering the right products and solutions to you our customers that drive customer demand and profits.

With over 40 years of experience, we know support and service are so important to our customers, our team on the ground is on hand to assist our customers with product, brand, and operational support whatever the sector.

With strong distribution throughout the IOI across regional and national wholesalers, our products and brands are on hand wherever you may be.

We are proud to represent and drive forward the best and biggest brands within foodservice, through our relationships with wholesalers, key accounts, and customers in every sector our teams are dedicated to the success of Excellence and the brands it represents.


We are proud of our people. Each individual and team, from our warehouse operatives, drivers, to our sales teams and accounts assistants, every single one makes a difference in providing the best service to our customers. We work hard on developing and investing in our people and teams, at Excellence we have a strong can-do, collaborative approach within our business, these hard-working customer-focused teams are what make our business successful and ready for the future.


What excites us at Excellence are our customers. Developing strong relationships with our customers drives us to find solutions in products and ingredients to allow our customers to do better business. Our teams thrive on helping our customers solve issues, grow and become more successful.


At Excellence, we try to think big picture. We add value by developing new ideas and concepts for our customers. Our goal is to find solutions in the best way possible resulting in a profitable consumer-focused opportunity for our customers.


Motivated by the experience of 40 years in the business, we are learning more every day. At Excellence, we are open to learning from our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the world around us. Our business, like our customers, is driven by consumers, their needs, and trends, we are learning every day how to support our customers in enabling them to develop a consumer-led menu and business.