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Philadelphia is the world’s most popular cream cheese, for more than 100 years they have been pioneering the cream cheese standards to bring the great taste consumers love, because at Philadelphia they believe that dairy goodness makes every day more pleasurable. They have a long history of high standards, quality, and freshness that lives from passionate people. The product is sold in more than a hundred countries on six continents, making it the largest cheese brand in the world.

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From Farm to Fridge

Philadelphia Cream Cheese was created over 130 years ago in New York. It is made using the highest quality fresh milk and cream from dairy farms in Central Wisconsin, and can get from farm to fridge in just 6 days.

Made for Professionals

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a high quality, delicious and versatile ingredient, perfect for use in pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes and commercial kitchens. The Professional Range includes tubs up to 10kg, perfect for busy food service professionals.

World Wide Brand

Philadelphia Cream Cheese is now sold in over 100 countries across 6 continents, and is the best selling brand of cream cheese in the world.