Asparagus, Pea, Mint and Philadelphia Souffle

  • Ingredients for 5
  • 40 g Unsalted Butter
  • 50 g Crushed Walnuts
  • 200 g Asparagus
  • 150 ml Chicken or Vegetable Stock
  • 200 g Peas (fresh or frozen)
  • 20 Leaves Fresh Mint
  • Pinch of Sugar
  • 2 tbsp Plain Flour
  • 200 ml Semi Skimmed Milk
  • 100 g Philadelphia Light
  • 4 Whole Eggs

1. Preheat the oven to 200℃. Melt 25g of the butter in a saucepan. Using a pastry brush, brush the sides and base of each ramekin before coating the insides with the crushed walnuts. Set them in the fridge while you make the rest of the components of the souffle. 2. Peel off the woody base of the asparagus before peeling from the tip down to the base. Cut the asparagus at about 2 inches from the tip, keep the tips and dice the rest of the stalk. Heat the stock in a saucepan and add the diced asparagus stalks, the peas and the mint leaves. Add a pinch of sugar and bring to the boil. Season with salt and pepper. Once tender, blitz to a puree in a blender. 3. Melt the rest of the butter in a saucepan and add in the flour to make a roux. Cook for 2-3 minutes before adding the milk. Whisk the sauce to remove any lumps, season with salt and pepper and add in the Philadelphia Light. Allow to cool. 4. Separate the eggs. Whisk the whites to firm peaks in a clean metal mixing bowl. Add the yolks to the cooled roux before folding in the pea and asparagus puree. Taste to check for seasoning. Now fold the egg whites gently into the mix using a metal spoon. 5. Fill the ramekins with the souffle mix right to the top. Gently tap the moulds on the surface to even out the mixture and run your thumb around the rim of the ramekin to ensure the souffle rises evenly. Place the peeled asparagus tips into the centre of each ramekin leaving the tip poking out. 6. Place all the ramekins onto a try and place into the preheated oven for 15 minutes. Try not to open the oven door while cooking. Once cooked the souffle should have risen and be golden brown. Serve immediately in the ramekin.