Pan-Fried Prime Sirloin Steak

  • 10 x 8 oz Steak (sirloin, ribeye, fillet)
  • Olive Oil
  • Santa Maria Wasabi and Sesame Seed Seasoning
  • 300 ml of Beef Stock
  • Santa Maria Triple Pepper Seasoning
  • Santa Maria Smoked Paprika
  • Santa Maria Kimchi Spice
  • 10-12 Large Sweet Potatoes
  • Kimchi Salad (chinese cabbage, scallions, radishes, carrots)

1. Place the steaks on a board and season with Santa Maria Triple Pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and massage into the steak. 2. Prepare the kimchi - shred the cabbage and scallions, chop the carrots and radishes into fine strips, mix together in a bowl with a generous sprinkle of kimchi spice, leave the salad to mellow in flavour. 3. Cut the sweet potatoes lengthways into large wedges, place on a tray and season with Santa Maria. 4. Cook the wedges in a hot oven (180 degrees) for about 30 minutes until crisp and tender. 5. Heat the beef stock in a pan and add in the Santa Maria Wasabi and Sesame Seasoning and mix well. Reduce the heat and simmer. 6. Heat a pan until very hot and put the steak on, cook for 3 minutes then allow to rest. 7. Serve the steak with the kimchi salad and the sweet potato wedges, with the wasabi and sesame dip on the side.